Why email marketing is so important in Telco B2B marketing

Why email marketing is so important in Telco B2B marketing

Email marketing is one of Telco and IT companies’ most effective digital marketing strategies. According to a study by Litmus, email drives an ROI of $36 for every dollar spent; hence email marketing deserves a place in your marketing campaigns.

Regardless of other newer methods of communication like live chat and social media, email marketing remains the king of marketing channels, with a user base of over 4.5 million people.

Email marketing is ranked the most effective marketing channel, beating out SEO, Social media, and Affiliate marketing. The question is, why does this decade-old marketing strategy outrank the hyped new channels?

Read on to find out:

  • What is email marketing, and is it outdated?
  • What basics should you be aware of to build and leverage email marketing?
  • The basics of email marketing?
  • What essential elements do you need for an effective email marketing campaign?

What is email marketing, and is it outdated?

Email marketing is a marketing strategy where businesses send promotional messages to a large mass of people at the same time via email. Also, it generates sales by nurturing leads, sharing promotional offers, or improving the impact of other content marketing.

Despite the hype of social, people use email more than other social platforms; Hence as an IT or Telco company, it makes sense to include email marketing for your marketing solutions/endeavors.

In addition, data shows there are 4 billion email users worldwide and no sign of slowing down. After all, in email marketing, you own your connections, so you don’t have to worry about algorithm changes limiting your reach.

The benefits of email marketing

A study by Hubspot noted that four out of five marketers said they rather give up social media than email marketing. Here’s the benefit of email marketing:

  • Increases the chance of audience engagement and conversion: Since a customer provides you with their email address, it’s virtually equivalent to having the keys to their house. You have gained permission to enter, so they trust you.
  • Higher chance of visibility: When you send an email, most people check their emails multiple times in a day. In addition, you have direct access to your audience on their schedules.
  • Gives you more control: Unlike other marketing platforms, email gives you ownership. For instance, If Facebook or Google updates their algorithm, you own the relationship with your audience.
  • Create more personalised and hyper-targeted campaigns: According to a study, the segmented and personalised campaign increased revenue by as much as 760 percent. Hence email marketing enables you to use psychographic or demographic data to create more personalisation capabilities.
  • Easy to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Through automated email marketing, you can measure the success of your campaign or get a Digital marketing agency in Warwickshire for help.
  • Easy to Scale. Email marketing strategy can easily scale as your subscriber grows without compromising quality or straining your resources.

What basics should you be aware of to build and leverage email marketing

Building a successful email marketing campaign is crucial. However, you need to know these basics to help maximise your email marketing success.

These are the basics of email marketing.

  • Write as humanly way as possible. Don’t be a robot using email to communicate directly with your audience. You can do this by stating your email subscriber’s name in the email you send them and showing your brand’s human side.
  • Use interesting subject titles. To increase your email opening rates, keep them non-spammy and on the topic to prevent subscribers from feeling duped and throwing your messages to spam or unsubscribing.
  • Most users read their emails on mobile so ensure your email copy is to the point. You can turn to a digital marketing agency that can help you with concise email copy. Remember to direct them to a landing page/blog post if you need to share more information with them.
  • Add calls to action (CTAs) at the top and bottom of your email. Include strong CTAs after the start and at the end of your email.

Essential elements for an effective email marketing campaign

Email marketing can support other marketing initiatives like sales, lead generation, and content marketing.

There are 3 essential elements of an effective marketing campaign.

  • Email list This is a database of subscribers who have agreed and allowed you to send them emails. An email list is essential for a successful or effective email marketing campaign. As an IT or Telco company, you can build an email list by creating a downloadable asset like a free e-book or guide, offering a coupon, or hosting a webinar in exchange for their email address.
  • An Email Marketing Platform is also known as an Email Service Provider (ESP). ESP assists in managing your email list. It also helps to design and execute automated email campaigns; you can get these services from a Digital marketing agency in Warwickshire. ESP allows you to have automatic triggers that enable personalised interactions.
  • Set clear Goals. You need to create clearly defined goals for an effective email marketing goal. As an IT or telco company, your goal may be to:
  • Increase sales
  • Generate and nurture leads
  • Ensure brand awareness
  • Keep customers engaged
  • Increase customer trust and loyalty

Speak to a digital marketing agency in warwickshire to improve your email marketing campaign in telcos and it.

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