Why do you need a digital marketing team

Why do you need a digital marketing team?

Digital marketing teams are responsible for developing and managing strategies which promote a company’s products or services, through digital channels. These can be by using many different mediums from Google ads and social media to website content and email marketing. To ensure you capture the value this brings, you need an organised and efficient team of experts.

The role of a digital marketing team

So, what exactly is the role of a digital marketing team? There’s no one size fits all answer to this question unfortunately. The roles required depend on several variables. You need to consider your budget, your business structure and your strategy and goals. There are a few key roles though, that you need to consider:

  • Content Marketeer – This is typically quite a broad role. A Content Marketeer may be tasked with creating a content strategy aligned with the overall marketing plan. They need to create different types of content, from blogs to email comms, and understand the best platforms to deliver these on. Finally, they may need to monitor audience trends, and your competitors, to understand what content is successful.
  • Email Campaign Manager – Typically Email Campaign Managers are responsible for planning, developing, executing, and monitoring a company’s email strategy. They need to be skilled in creating email marketing strategies and work closely with the Content Marketeer. The quality of the email campaign and content determines whether a subscriber will delete or action your email. They also need to be able to analyse results and apply them to future email campaigns.
  • Social Media/Ads Marketeer – A Social Media Marketeer use social media platforms and websites to promote a company’s offerings. They understand that the more value the audience receives, the more engagement they will create. Typically they will be responsible for the overall social media strategy, as well as developing and managing the content calendar.
  • Graphic Design Marketeer – Graphic designers are the creative engine behind brand identity or marketing activities. Creating everything from poster, to packaging, logos, and marketing materials. Using colours, fonts, and other design elements to convey a message.

Resource availability

These roles are key to building a successful digital marketing team. They will help you create your online marketing strategy and then execute the activities to meet your goals. But we know it is not always practical to have a specialist on board for every digital marketing activity. For instance, you may not yet have an SEO or PPC strategy. And how do you know this works for your business? Or perhaps you have a campaign you want to test with different digital methods before hiring a full-time head?

As marketeers, we know you’re not always in a fortunate position to be able to hire someone based on a specific function. And you’re not the only ones. The CMO Councils “Scaling the Value of the CMO” report found that 86% of marketeers believe that a lack of resources and capabilities impairs the overall performance of their team. But how do you continue to deliver the results you need, whilst being unable to scale your marketing resource?

In an ideal world, you would have all the resource and support you needed to support your business and meet your goals. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible but you could outsource your team as and when you need to. There are many benefits in hiring a digital marketing team, we believe there are 5 key reasons why you would outsource your digital marketing.

5 reasons to hire a digital marketing team

  1. Expert insight – The rules and requirements around digital marketing are constantly changing. And keeping up to date with these changes and best practices can be challenging. Digital marketing agencies are full of specialists who have experience and understanding of what they do. They know how to support your business and generate return on your activities.
  2. Expand your team – A digital marketing agency gives you access to more than one specialist. You get to work with multiple experts across multiple fields, from content creation and designers to web developers. And if your own internal team changes, you can increase and reduce the external workload as required.
  3. Use of external marketing tools – Digital marketeers always have a stack of tools at their disposal. Plus, they have worked out which one’s work and which ones don’t, saving you time and money. These tools can be complex to understand and expensive to use. Using an external team with experience and access to these tools removes the complexity and cost.
  4. Access top-quality content – Quality content enables you to be seen as an expert in your field and set yourselves apart from your competitors. It can be difficult to push out good content consistently especially when you have several other activities to focus on. But a digital marketing agency can support you and remove that concern. They have dedicated content creators who are experienced at creating excellent copy which will resonate with your audience. Need to know more about content creation? Read our blog to understand how content creation can enhance your  business.  
  5. Focus on growing your business – As a marketeer we know your focus is on generating pipeline and revenue for your business. If you can outsource some of the activities which take up your valuable time, it frees you up to focus on the things that really matter.

Finding a digital marketing team

Outsourcing your digital marketing team provides you with many benefits. However, you do need to make sure you hire the right team. Look for someone with verified digital marketing experience. A team who can support multiple different digital platforms. And a team who will just feel like an extension of your own in-house marketing team. If this is the type of support you are looking for from your digital marketing agency, get in touch, we can help.

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