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We thought we would share answers to some common questions that we get asked with regards to our services.

Email marketing

What is email marketing?

Email marketing refers to using a platform to broadcast/send a marketing message typically in html format to promote your company or organization using a data list with contact details.

What is the benefit of using email marketing?
Using a platform for your send will allow you to track the performance of your email in terms of number of opens, clicks as well as unsubscribes. Typically, email marketing is used when there is a need for a bulk send-out of a message instead of a one-to-one send through a normal email client.
When should I be using email marketing?
Email marketing is a great marketing channel to use when the audience you are looking to target is known and you have the details of the individuals that you wish to target. Important to note is that the data you have gathered or acquired for individual should be compliant with GDPR if located in Europe.
How can I use email marketing for account-based marketing?
Email marketing provides excellent capabilities to tailor your marketing message on an account-based marketing level specifying the exact target audience that you have on file. Both segmentation and tracking ability of contact activity is high on email broadcast platforms which allows for meaningful follow-ups based on user interest.
Why should I use an email marketing agency?
Even though email marketing has now been around for a while and perhaps seems simple enough upon a first glance, there are quite a few challenges for someone not used to crafting html that is adhering to best practice, avoids triggering spam filters, and renders correctly in all the varying email clients in use. All of the above and more is what an email marketing expert and email marketing consultant would ensure which in turns results in your email marketing campaigns having the best possible chance to deliver on your objectives and goals.

Paid social

What is paid social?
Paid social refers to using social media marketing channels on a paid basis to target people that are on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and similar.
What is the benefit of using LinkedIn marketing?
By using a dedicated LinkedIn marketing agency you can tap into the knowledge held by social media marketing experts that use paid social channels every day. This enables you to get the most out of the features available for LinkedIn marketing campaigns to ensure that you maximse the success of your paid social campaigns.
When should I be using paid social?
Paid social offers an advantage over organic social media as you are able to use detailed target selections to ensure that your paid social media campaign is delivered to the right audience with greater precision. This level of target selection is not available for organic social media.
How can I use paid social for account-based marketing?
Using paid social through a LinkedIn marketing agency provides the combined advantage of knowledge of paid social platforms as well as insight of how to develop account-based marketing campaigns beyond your own company. Advanced account based targeting options are available in LinkedIn and social media marketing experts at a dedicated LinkedIn marketing agency can help you get the most out the options available.
Why should I use a paid social agency?
By using a paid social agency for your paid social campaigns, you’ll be able to take advantage of the latest features and accumulated knowledge from social media marketing experts of what is trending and what is working well across paid social media platforms such as LinkedIn.

Graphic design services

What is graphic design services?
Graphic design services is defined by a taking advice and enlisting a professional company with dedicated designers to help develop the look and feel of a company’s branding, marketing collateral, website, event stands or other promotional materials.
What is the benefit of graphic design services?
By enlisting graphic design services agency, you take advantage of years of knowledge, practical skills and creative ability in order to maximise the impact of your company’s aesthetic appeal. The know-how to translate your requirement into a graphic design that conveys your message and delivers on your object is something that a graphic design service agency provide for all their clients on a day-to-day basis.
When should I be using graphic design services?
Typically, graphic design services are favourably enlisted when a company has a small or no marketing department, no dedicated designer resource or have limited creative skills. It is also quite often used when an existing resource is at its limit and additional capacity is required.
How can I use graphic design services for account-based marketing?
Using graphic design services to create specific account-based marketing collateral is a great way to tailor your company’s messaging to feel relevant for the intended prospect ABM account. This can apply on a vertical or solutions basis as well as graphic design templates for each ABM account.
Why should I use a graphic design services agency?
A graphic design services agency will allow you to create professional looking material that is suitable for multiple use both offline and online. These include things like branding, marketing collateral, website design, company logo, product logo, event logo, event stands and other digital presentation material.

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