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Email marketing agency based in Warwickshire, UK.

Helping clients solve email marketing challenges in the UK and EMEA since 2009.

Email marketing consultants

virtualROI as an email marketing agency specialise in helping B2B clients with solving marketing challenges. Our email marketing consultants assist with a wide range of services such as creative support email, blank email templates, lead scoring strategy, lead scoring templates, lead nurturing email templates, email lead nurturing campaigns, email marketing newsletter best practices, landing page form builder and email verification design. Just to mention a few…

As an email marketing agency, we help clients with…

Email marketing

Assist with any B2B email marketing requirement across UK and EMEA.

Email campaigns

Full-service email campaign set up and management that deliver on key objectives.

Email templates

Self-service templates allowing clients with in-house skills to build their own emails.

Email copywriting

Engaging copy that entice the reader to want to learn more and read further.

Email design

Responsive email design that works across all email clients on PC, mobile and tablets.

Marketing automation

Assist with marketing automation in Eloqua, Marketo, Pardot, Hubspot and more.

Email nurture

Development of email nurture programmes and utilise effective lead scoring models.

Lead scoring

Developing lead scoring strategy and models that ensure best results.

Email marketing consultancy

Know-how with a difference

Our email marketing consultants have the know-how to ensure that your email campaigns and lead nurturing programmes get delivered with maximum impact across all types of email clients and mobile devices. Typical requirements vary from one off email marketing landing pages to full email marketing automation programmes with lead scoring and email lead nurturing campaigns using any of the most sophisticated marketing automation platforms available.

Platform experience

Marketing automation agency

Experience that counts

A reliable marketing automation agency is essential in today’s business environment. With GDPR legislation affecting how digital marketing can be done, email marketing automation platform technology is quickly proving to be a business-critical tool for companies to tackle the account-based marketing (ABM) email strategy now needed to succeed with effective lead nurturing programmes that deliver return on investment.

Recent work

Red Hat

We’ve been helping to solve marketing challenges
for Red Hat since 2009 across UK, EMEA the US.

  • Email newsletter programmes
  • Email design and templates
  • Email marketing best practices
  • Landing pages and micro sites
  • ABM marketing programmes
  • Social media marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

Email marketing
What is email marketing?
Email marketing refers to using a platform to broadcast/send a marketing message typically in html format to promote your company or organization using a data list with contact details.
What is the benefit of using email marketing?
Using a platform for your send will allow you to track the performance of your email in terms of number of opens, clicks as well as unsubscribes. Typically, email marketing is used when there is a need for a bulk send-out of a message instead of a one-to-one send through a normal email client.
When should I be using email marketing?
Email marketing is a great marketing channel to use when the audience you are looking to target is known and you have the details of the individuals that you wish to target. Important to note is that the data you have gathered or acquired for individual should be compliant with GDPR if located in Europe.
How can I use email marketing for account-based marketing?
Email marketing provides excellent capabilities to tailor your marketing message on an account-based marketing level specifying the exact target audience that you have on file. Both segmentation and tracking ability of contact activity is high on email broadcast platforms which allows for meaningful follow-ups based on user interest.
Why should I use an email marketing agency?
Even though email marketing has now been around for a while and perhaps seems simple enough upon a first glance, there are quite a few challenges for someone not used to crafting html that is adhering to best practice, avoids triggering spam filters, and renders correctly in all the varying email clients in use. All of the above and more is what an email marketing expert and email marketing consultant would ensure which in turns results in your email marketing campaigns having the best possible chance to deliver on your objectives and goals.

How we have helped our clients

"Huge thanks for being a great agency, for fantastic support with helping set up lead scoring, an award-winning campaign and numerous ABM Campaigns. I am exceptionally thankful for all the work that you have done and all the support that you have provided."
Alexandra Ciuca


"We have been working with virtualROI as an extension to our marketing department across EMEA. Their flexible approach allows us to utilise their expertise for both tactical and strategic advise, such as technical trouble shooting, design and campaign execution of our EMEA newsletter in our own system as well as workshops around marketing automation strategy and workflows."
Maria Saul

Red Hat

"Based on my prior experience working with the virtualROI team, they were the first port of call for assisting me with the data challenge faced in moving towards an account-based marketing strategy."
Shelby Torrence

Google Cloud

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