Common questions and challenges for a paid social agency

Common questions and challenges for a paid social agency

As a paid social agency based in Warwickshire, UK, we have been helping clients solve paid social and LinkedIn marketing challenges in the UK and EMEA since 2009.

virtualROI as a paid social agency specialise in helping B2B clients with solving social media marketing challenges. Even though our paid social agency is based in Warwickshire, UK, our paid social media marketing consultants function as seamless virtual extensions to marketing departments across EMEA and beyond. Just to mention a few…

In this blog post, we thought we would highlight some of the common client questions and challenges relating to paid social and social media marketing that we come across regularly. Let’s start with the typical questions that we get asked…

What is paid social?

Paid social refers to using social media marketing channels on a paid basis to target people that are on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and similar.

What is the benefit of using LinkedIn marketing?

By using a dedicated LinkedIn marketing agency you can tap into the knowledge held by social media marketing experts that use paid social channels every day. This enables you to get the most out of the features available for LinkedIn marketing campaigns to ensure that you maximse the success of your paid social campaigns.

When should I be using paid social?

Paid social offers an advantage over organic social media as you are able to use detailed target selections to ensure that your paid social media campaign is delivered to the right audience with greater precision. This level of target selection is not available for organic social media.

How can I use paid social for account-based marketing?

Using paid social through a LinkedIn marketing agency provides the combined advantage of knowledge of paid social platforms as well as insight of how to develop account-based marketing campaigns beyond your own company. Advanced account-based targeting options are available in LinkedIn and social media marketing experts at a dedicated LinkedIn marketing agency can help you get the most out the options available.

Why should I use a paid social agency?

By using a paid social agency for your paid social campaigns, you’ll be able to take advantage of the latest features and accumulated knowledge from social media marketing experts of what is trending and what is working well across paid social media platforms such as LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is by far the most popular social media platform for companies to use. It offers significant features and benefits that are well tailored to being used for campaigns needing to target specific decision makers within industries and companies that are relevant for a client. Particularly useful for use in account-based marketing initiatives.

So the next logical step to then outline the more practical things that we as an paid social agency help our clients with…

  • Assist with any B2B paid social media requirement companies and teams that are spread across UK and EMEA, where they might not have any local marketing support.
  • Full-service paid social campaign set up and management that deliver on key campaign objectives, where skills and resources are not available.
  • Development of striking design of banners for all types of paid social and LinkedIn marketing campaigns.
  • Develop engaging copy that entice the reader to want to learn more and click to read further.
  • Assist with LinkedIn target selection to ensure maximum effectiveness and audience reach.
  • Development of paid social ABM programmes that delivers on marketing objectives.
  • Assist with paid social strategy and models that ensure best results short and long term.
  • Deliver engaging digital content creation service and social media content creation packages.

Know-how with a difference

Our paid social consultants have the know-how to ensure that your LinkedIn marketing campaigns and social media marketing programmes get delivered with maximum impact to the right target audience selection. Typical requirements vary from one off paid social campaigns to full paid social nurturing programmes with ABM, vertical or brand awareness focus.

Experience that counts

A reliable paid social agency with LinkedIn experts is essential in the digital economy of the 21st century. With GDPR legislation affecting how digital marketing can be done, paid social media marketing platforms is quickly proving to be business-critical tools for companies to tackle the account-based marketing (ABM) strategies needed to succeed.

A problem shared is a problem solved, so please let us know what your marketing challenges are. Need a digital strategy agency that can help with outsourced marketing services? Hire digital marketing team today!

So, if you are looking for a paid social agency that works in partnership with our customers across EMEA and beyond, pride themselves in providing expert advice and guidance in all areas of digital marketing, work as a seamless extension to marketing departments delivering on objectives as well as build transparent trusted advisor relationship with our clients. Then give us a shout.

Did you know that we also do email marketing and graphic design services…?

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