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Benefits of A/B split testing

Are your email campaigns working as hard as they can for your business? How can you be sure? Even if you follow every rule, cross every ‘T’, and dot every ‘I’, there may still be elements within a campaign that don’t work as well as they could. But can you spot which elements they are? And do you know what needs tweaking?



Why digital personalisation?

That market of yours out there is both demanding and savvy. Gone are the days when generic throwaway offers and trite promises cut the mustard. The only way to capture your audience’s attention is to speak directly to each individual… and that requires personalisation. Already 63% of marketers see personalisation as effective (IDM: The state of digital personalisation in 2016). That includes your competition. Are you dragging behind or ahead of them here?



Case study | Data

"Whilst preparing to move all EMEA data over to an Eloqua implementation, it became apparent that there were challenges with multiple existing data sets and duplication at an account, contact and activity level."


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