13 reasons why you need a paid social media agency

13 reasons why you need a paid social media agency

To make social media campaigns about your brand highly effective, you need the right strategies. However, since the platforms are dissimilar and each serves a different purpose, the task needs time, the right tools, and expertise.

So, for a small to medium-sized business, managing social media campaigns on its own is not easy.

But here is the common question- is it worth hiring a paid social media agency?

To find the answer, we take a look at 13 advantages that a professional social media agency can offer.

What is a paid social media agency?

A social media agency makes effective use of strategies and personalization tools to influence a brand’s target audience. They optimize and evaluate social media campaigns to deliver the best results. In addition, they also track key performance indicators to provide insights that have direct impacts on the brand’s sales targets.

Advantages of using a paid social media agency

1.   They offer expert services

The objective of using social media for your business is to achieve your goals by building customer loyalty. The professionals in the social media fancy have the necessary knowledge in the field and tools that will help you to get faster results.

You may not be aware of the specifics of a platform’s algorithm or be able to develop social media strategies for specific audiences. But a specialist will help you to get the maximum benefit from these platforms and establish your brand.

2.   Growing your audience

With over 4.26 billion social media users across the globe, they offer an incredible opportunity for any business to grow. A large audience will help in generating more buzz around your products and build brand recognition.

So, growing your audience in the digital space is a key aspect of social media marketing. As your followers grow in number, trust in your products increases, resulting in better conversion rates.

This involves defining your target audience and following an appropriate content marketing plan. An agency can effectively use the best practices to develop brand awareness by engaging with the audience.

3.   Social landscape keeps changing

Since the social media landscape keeps changing, it is difficult to handle for those who are not familiar with the terrain. When a platform decides to change its ways of functioning without prior intimation, it can significantly impact marketing policies. It can be overwhelming for brands to keep track of these technology and layout changes,

A paid social media agency can keep track of the changes and develop new strategies without delay. As a result, the goals and objectives of the brand are less likely to be negatively affected.

4.   Creating the right strategy

Every stage of the social media journey, from awareness to conversion, needs to be guided by the right strategy. Each business needs a unique strategy for setting objectives and optimizing the budget.

An agency will help you to frame the right strategy that will focus on both the long- and short-term business goals. And once you have a plan, you can prioritize, execute, and optimize the resources as needed.

5.   Expanding your reach

Reaching out to your audience organically by cutting through the noise on social platforms is not easy. The sheer volume of content being posted on these platforms makes this a challenging task.

Not only do you have to create engaging content but deliver it effectively to your target audience. Social media experts can help in focusing your efforts in the right places to get the best results. Besides, they can guide the content creation process to set up positive relationships with your audience.

6.   Staying Consistent

When it comes to social media, consistency is the key. Your audience is looking for a steady flow of quality content that they can engage with. Besides, the search engines will also take notice of the consistency in your brand’s content quality for setting the ranks.

Quite simply, the better the quality and frequency of your content, the higher the chances of influencing the customer.

A dedicated team looking after the social media content output will help in keeping a steady output of content. Beyond that, this will boost the SEO and improve brand awareness.

7.   Managing influencer marketing

The increasing demand for influencer marketing is sure to make this a valuable tool for businesses. That means effective influencer management is an important aspect to further your business goals.

Paid social media agencies can have influencer managers to select the right influencers for your business and deal with all the hassles of the activity. From forming a clear idea about your buyer persona for selecting the right influencer to using the talents of an influencer effectively, the agency can handle it all.

8.   Saving time

Managing the intricacies of a business and leading your team is a tough enough task. When you add the hassles of social media management and strategy development, it will consume chunks of your valuable time.

With a professional social media management team, you can put your focus on the vital activities of the business, without having to worry about social media handling. As long as you have picked a reliable agency, you can save time and be more productive.

9.   Tracking and reporting

Not every social media strategy will deliver the best results. A social media manager can help in switching objectives or creating a new range of content that will deliver better results. This is done by checking the performance of all campaigns periodically.

At the same time, the agency can also deliver consolidated weekly or monthly reports about the strategies implemented and what is to be done next. This leads to more effective planning for business growth.

10.                Customer satisfaction

Social customer service interactions are going to rise in the coming years. So, responding to the customers and keeping the interaction positive is essential for developing great relationships. When you always respond to your customers, it proves that you care for their needs.

The social media agency can also act as a dedicated customer handling unit to address customers’ questions. This will allow you to stay proactive and understand customer needs while offering the best services.

11.                Increasing website traffic

Sharing valuable content on social media platforms can have a direct impact on your website traffic. An interesting piece of content that provides value and is also relevant will drive engagement and boost sales.

This makes the role of a paid social media agency extremely important to get fast results and boost conversions. The right range of content, including videos and infographics, will result in better customer engagement and higher click rates.

12.                Data monitoring

Customer interactions through social media are a source of a rich range of information that will help you to measure what matters. Moreover, it will also help you point out the reasons behind customer dissatisfaction and improve your services.

The agency can carefully monitor the social media platforms and provide you with the right input. This will help in improving the overall customer satisfaction levels and improve the quality of a product or service.

13.                Stay level with competitors

When it comes to social media you need to be on top of your game at all times. Using a paid social media marketing agency can give you an edge in the competitive market. The agency can help you to stack up your social media strategy against a competitor.

Many agencies perform a social media analysis of the competition based on multiple platforms. By using the data gathered from the competitors, you can compare your brand’s metrics with theirs. This will help you to make the necessary changes or adopt new strategies that can deliver better results.

Wrap Up

If you are not sure about where to spend your social media advertising funds, it is best to seek help from the right paid social media agency. Without the support of an experienced team, your efforts may not provide the returns that you seek.

The choice is yours.

Based in Warwickshire, UK, VirtualROI is a paid social agency that has been helping clients deliver social campaigns on LinkedIn since 2009, working with companies from right across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. We can help you with paid social, LinkedIn campaigns and targeting, banner designs, social messaging and much more. For more information, speak to us now.

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